Do you love true crime and food? Welcome to Unsavory. Join Sarah and Becca as they use their backgrounds in nutrition and criminology to discuss fascinating food-related scandals using an evidence-based lens. If you like learning about crime, drama, poison, fraud, bias, nutrition, and food, this is the podcast for you!

About the Hosts

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Sarah Muncaster


Sarah is a Registered Dietitian in Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about using creative storytelling to spread evidence-based nutrition information. Sarah practices clinical dietetics by day and fills her free time experimenting in the kitchen, podcasting, running, reading, camping, and playing with her two cats!

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Becca Harris


Becca Harris is a Registered Dietitian specializing in ADHD Nutrition & the founder of The Nutrition Junky. She has a background in criminology and has a passion for web sleuthing (aka research). In her free time she's in the kitchen, at the beach with her dog, or binging through true crime podcasts.

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Geoff Devine

Audio Engineer

Geoff Devine is an experienced audio engineer, sound designer, editor, mixer, musician and producer based in Toronto, ON. He has an Honours BA from Carleton University for Communications, an applied audio engineering diploma from TARA and a diploma in sound design from George Brown.