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Unsavoury has got a ‘special sauce’, and I can’t get enough!

A binge-worthy podcast that always has me going for seconds 😉 Seriously though, the hosts are so knowledgeable yet share the information in a fun and conversational way. The addition of crime and scandal is the perfect blend. It’s upbeat, juicy and a sneaky way to get educated! Thanks for such a great listen - hope you keep it coming!

Love love love!

True crime, scandal, food?! These are a few of my favourite things! Becca and Sarah have a real gem here. It’s as entertaining as it is informative. Enjoy your break! I can’t wait for season 2!!

I’m hooked!!

I love the approach you guys take with each telling different sides of the story and having the other host listening along with us. Great idea! You are both natural storytellers and so well spoken that it makes listening to this so easy. Congrats on a fabulous season 1 - can’t wait to see what you have coming up next!!

LOVE this podcast!

Scandalous and so informative! So many great juicy criminal elements related to food and so much I never knew about food labelling, terminology, etc. Becca and Sarah are fun to listen to and provide well-researched info.

Scandal, crime, and food lovers rejoice!

As a criminologist and a personal trainer/nutritionalist I have finally found my podcast! Thank you to the wonderful hosts🤩

A must listen!!!

I am impressed every episode! Always super well researched and super interesting, this podcast never disappoints. 10/10

Can’t get enough of this podcast!

This podcast makes me look forward to my 30+ min morning commute! Every episode is so well researched and interesting. Can’t say enough about this podcast, highly recommend!

Love it!

Hosts are the best, this podcast is perfect in every way!


For all the nutrition and food science nerds or anyone looking for a good evidence-based, unbiased, interesting podcast. So many “omg, no way!” moments.

Love it!!

If you’re in need of a new true crime podcast to listen to, then look no further! I give a new podcast max 5 minutes before I decide if it’s worth my time, and this one made the cut! The research is extremely thorough, the hosts are easy to listen to and really well informed and it makes for a really good and entertaining flow! 10/10 would recommend for your new binging pleasure!

Nice balance

I appreciate your scepticism and willingness to see both sides - on all the episodes.

Great :)

Such a cool way to intersect true crime and food!! Love, super interesting but still so informative. what a fantastic podcast!

Must listen for Dietetic and True Crime fans!

What a great unique blend of Dietetics and True Crime. Food fraud is now a huge interest of mine. The hosts are naturals and the production is top notch. Here before they take off!!

Amazing ladies and incredible podcast

This podcast combines two of my favourite things and is absolutely brilliant. I personally adore both Becca and Sarah and it’s so much fun listening to them and feeling like I’m just with my girlfriends! 5 stars all around ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One of my fav podcasts!!

I love food. I love true crime. I don’t typically listen to podcasts but this one really did it for me. Sarah and Becca do such an amazing job uncovering real food scandals :)

Extra cheese

Aside from being incredibly intelligent and a wealth of information, the hosts are witty and entertaining and add the right amount of cheese. They clearly do their research and make sure all the facts they share are reliable and whole. You can tell by listening they are passionate about food and true crime - the perfect recipe for an awesome podcast.

Love it!

Just found this podcast and it’s great! Definitely will be binging the rest of the episodes!

Excellent podcast

This podcast exists at the perfect intersection of food science and true crime, and is both super informative and a delight to listen to. It’s obvious to hosts are passionate about the subject matter and they do an incredible job researching their topics and sharing that information in an entertaining and easily digestible way. Can’t recommend it enough!


You ladies are killing it!!! I've never been one for true crime, but give me anything food related with a twist and I'm HOOKED! Becca and Sarah cover such interesting topics in such a thorough and entertaining way. Absolutely love listening to this podcast on walks or long drives. And now that there's Extra Cheeze I can look forward to episodes every week☺️

I want more!

Didn’t stop walking until the episode finished! Sarah and Becca, your passion for nutrition really shines through this podcast. I really admire your thorough research skills and appreciate how you both convey the science/scandal into such a captivating story!!

Dietetics After Dark

I honestly can’t stop listening! These episodes are so interesting and have really opened my eyes to the world of food fraud!

The Low-Carb Legacy of Dr. Atkins

Amazing episode! I loved the recap on carbohydrates, it was explained so well. Thank you for explaining the Atkin's diet (and shedding light to diet culture), it's history and the effect it's had. I felt like I was in a crime mystery which is awesome! It's hard to believe the credibility and the controversy over his case, and some of the groups of people involved. Really informative and interesting - had me wide awake early in the morning, and I'm not a early bird. Excited for the next episode!!!

Mysterious & Marvelous

Sarah and Becca share their incredible wealth of knowledge by following interesting (or exotic, or fascinating ;) ) stories, scandals, and general crime in the food industry. I genuinely love listening to their conversations and learning from them along the way, all while being highly entertained!! I can’t wait for more episodes :)


I could listen to these women all day. They are so knowledgeable and talk about such relevant and interesting topics! Love love love this podcast.

So fun!

Just heard about this podcast on Morning Cup of Murder and am currently binging all episodes! After having gastric bypass surgery last November I’m more interested in nutrition than I’ve ever been. Adding true crime in is just icing on the cake! I love you guys!

Dietetics After Dark

Apart from bruising my fondness for Hot Dogs and Horses this podcast is another tour de force by Becca and Sarah. The ‘digging skills’ you demonstrate when it comes to researching your chosen topics is truly impressive. The fact that you provide a balanced perspective on every one of your story lines is an important enhancement to your reporting. Can’t wait til the next chapter. Su gran aficionado

Amazing Podcast

Literally the best podcast I’ve heard in a very long time. Sarah and Becca are amazing. Would love to hear them do a live show one day!

My two favourite worlds collide!

I am so eager for more episodes! Saw this posted in a facebook group for true crime podcasts and had to check it out. I love food/nutrition and true crime/scandal, so this is right up my alley. Hosts are funny and clearly have done their research. Subscribed!

Clever Podcast

Becca and Sarah are so great to listen to. Really clever podcast, I love it!

Sounds so interesting

Super excited to hear what this podcast has to offer! Sounds so interesting and unique

Am I ready? I’m not ready?! Who’s ready?!

Oh this gives me goosebumps! Had the pleasure of being a guest on Sarah’s Dietitians Discovered podcast and from there, connected with Becca as well. These ladies are touching uncharted territory no one has touched before in the food/nutrition world. What a treat...I’m excited to follow this “after dark” journey!

A Must Listen

So informative and such a pleasure to have in your ears, couldn’t recommend more!!!!